The ADVANTAGES of Robotic Surgery

The Da Vinci robot has revolutionized the way that surgery has, and will be performed globally. Thousands of patients have benefitted from the use of this technology.

It provides improved visualization with enhanced high-definition (1080p) imaging with 10xmagnification and 3D vision

Motion scaling with tremor filtration that eliminates tiny, uncontrollable movements in the surgeon’s hands

An ergonomic way of performing the procedure, as the surgeon sits at a surgical console and utilizes the enhanced visualization and surgical tools

Miniature incisions and a laparoscopic approach that allow the potential for:

  • Quicker return to normal activity
  • Shorter hospitalization (most patients go home the next day)
  • Reduced risk of incontinence and impotence
  • Less blood loss
  • Reduced pain (most patients don’t need narcotics after surgery)
  • Fewer complications than traditional surgery
  • Less scarring
  • Less risk of infection